Most Commonly asked questions about Central Sterile Technicians

A sterile processing technician’s role involves daily sterilization of surgical instruments and medical supplies for reuse. The position is vital in keeping patients and medical staff safe and requires a vigorous adherence to sterilization processes on a daily basis.

Where will I work after I’m certified?
Sterile processing technicians work in almost every healthcare facility, including
hospitals, Surgery & Ambulatory Centers as well as Outpatient Clinics.

How much will I get paid?
Starting salaries vary from state to state (in New York the average salary is $22-
$26 per hour).
Most facilities also offer the following benefits:
o Medical
o Dental
o Vision
o Paid Vacation
o Sick Pay
o Maternity leave
o Paid Holidays

Can I grow with this position?
With just a few years of experience and some additional education, you could become a
Shift Supervisor or Manager with an average potential salary of $78,000-$85,000/per

How long is the class?
120-hour, 9 weekends, from 9am-3pm your option of In-Class or Online Virtual class

How much will it cost me?
– In-Class $1,300
– Interactive Live Stream Course $999

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