Jason`s story

When Jason graduated our course in December 2018, he told me that he is absolutely sure that year
2019 will be for him very lucky. I am happy to confirm how right he was.

September 27, 2019
Jason G. (left) started his job as a Sterile Technician in one of the largest hospitals in NYC and
somehow happened to work with other former Multyprep`s student, Alex, who had graduated a year
prior to Jason.

CONGRATULATIONS to our graduate Jason on getting promoted to Shift Supervisor! position!!
His story is the story of a man who was looking to find his place in life.
Jason is 41 years old, and, for almost 20 years, he has worked as a security guard in many
companies without any growth opportunities.
But he didn`t agree to stay at this work all his life and was looking hard for new ways to use his
And, as they say, -“Who asks, it will be given!&”

He saw online an ad for a very promising job in the medical field without special diplomas and expensive,
many years of education..
The position was called “Sterile Process Technician” – the sterilization of the tools in hospitals and
medical centers after surgery and various treatments.
In order to get this job you had to complete a short course of training, take a special test and get a
professional certificate.
The Internet helped Jason find all the necessary information, and after calling a few businesses, he
stopped his choice at a company with 5 stars on Facebook page – Multyprep, Inc.
As he then admitted, the whole first week of class he still doubts the right of his decision, but as he
learned about perspectives and huge opportunities of a new profession, the doubts fell, his
confidence in himself grew, and that, he made the right choice.
Jason finished a 2-month course in December 2018 and, a week later, passed the test, received an
international certification and the opportunity to work not only in the state of New York, not only in the
US, but many countries of the world!
When a man takes the right steps, life goes to him and, a week later, Jason found his first job in a
major hospital in NYC.
New atmosphere, new people, new difficulties. It wasn`t easy at the beginning, but Jason continued to
study, quickly learning new skills. After 7 months, Jason received a raise, then a few months later
moved to another hospital with a salary increase.
And, on February 2020, 25, Jason called Multyprep, Inc. with the great news that he is now the Shift
Supervisor! CONGRATULATIONS to Jason!

Did you know? The average starting salary for Sterile Technician in New York is $22 to $25 an hour!

After only 1.5 -2 years of experience as a Sterile Technician, you can choose to apply for the position
as a TEAM LEADER with an average salary of over $70 an hour!

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